One Body, One Church

On this page you'll find links to various documents and information that will help to give you more of a sense of how Wellspring operates on an official organizational level. As a registered charity (click here for our CRA page) we believe that transparency and openness is important.


Our Deacons are Dale Barker, Steve Goldie, Helena Lempinen,  Sandra MacLeod, Sarah Murley-Hauser, Daniel Westacott, and Emily Yap.


Our FST (Facility Stewardship Team/Trustee) members are Tom Hauser, Ilpo Lempinen, Mark MacLeod, Albert Wallet, and Duane Westacott.


Our Elders are Bill Ryan, Rita Westacott, and Donna Barker.

Read the constitution to find out more about the role of the Elders.

Members at Large

Find out more about what the Wellspring membership are a part of.

Worship Team

Click the link below to view the latest worship schedule.


Click the link below to view our membership documents, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page for info on membership.

Other Documents

There are a number of documents that our leadership has been reading. Note, these are not Wellspring position papers nor do they necessarily represent Wellspring.


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